Eurolab - Speed and accuracy, innovation and dialogue

Our laboratories perform chemical analyses for various sectors. Our added values are speed, direct contact with our professionals and the latest equipment.


We make it easy for Companies to check Product compliance with chemicals regulations. We do this every day by investing in both excellent employees, with a path of continuous professional growth, and in innovation and studies thanks to the collaboration with our clients.



We dedicate ourselves to our clients with passion, professionalism and team spirit, inspired by

Innovation, Promptness, Rigour and Determination,

which guide our work every day.


Bambini delle fate

Social Responsibility


I “Bambini delle Fate” (children of fairies) is a non-profit organisation that finances social projects - managed by parent associations, institutions or hospitals - supporting children and teens affected by autism and disabilities.


Eurlab: Accredia accredited laboratory

Accreditation number: 0856

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Eurolab: chemical analysis laboratory in San Giuseppe di Cassola, Vicenza

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